At Make Tiny Changes, we are a group of people with the goal of educating people regarding mental illness and remove the tag of taboo from it. Many people erroneously think of mental illness as sign of weakness or lack of character when in fact mental illness is a serious medical condition. We’ve teamed with people from the various fields of knowledge to come together on a single platform to spread awareness regarding mental illness and health. With proper treatment and support people with mental illness can reach their full potential and live happier lives.

Seek help:
Make Tiny Changes aims to give hope, positivity, and support at the same time. Let’s work together to eliminate the days of solitude, stigma, and silence by fighting against the stigma of mental illness. Make Tiny Changes is committed to building a new world where those suffering from mental illness are not hesitant to seek help and have the empathy and support of those around them.

We Give You A Voice:
If you’re dealing with any mental disturbance, then we are here to help you deal with it. Our motto is to fill every single person with confidence to speak about his mental health and feel no shame asking for help. Make Tiny Changes offers an online and offline platform for people to spread understanding of mental illness and educate others. No matter where you are in your mental health journey, we will always be there for you.

Connect With Us:
When you connect with Make Tiny Changes, we foster confidence and empowerment to not only help yourself but to raise your voice for others as well. Our platform is an opportunity not only to educate and get help, but we also encourage the sense of empathy for others. Connect with our platform and share your story with others suffering. Get yourself to raise awareness among the general public and also utilize various social media platforms to come together as a community for those who are fighting in silence with their mental health.

Learn and Educate:
Mental illness is a medical condition with no physical scars or wounds so, for many people it is still a myth. There are few people who consider it as a serious health condition in need of medical treatment without having first hand experience. Not only are family members potentially ignorant but sometimes even the patient isn’t aware of the issue. If you have any mental stress that is affecting your health and productivity, then waste no time for a miracle to happen. Contact medical professionals for treatment. If you’re confused about your health or the condition of a loved one, then feel no hesitation to ask questions and seek support.

Be a Member:

Make Tiny Changes believes that every single human being in this world deserves a chance to tell his or her story. Everyone needs to listen, and we are here to do it. We will listen to your story and will support you. Let the rays of hope, health, and bright future shine upon you by taking the right step of asking for help. By joining our movement, we offer you a chance not only to find help for yourself but for those who are not aware of their illness yet or reluctant to seek treatment.

Spread The Awareness:
With our advocacy and social media platforms, we believe in spreading awareness among the people regarding mental illness. With our active advocacy campaigns, we tend to spread the word of positivity and empathy among the people and let them know what a mental illness is.

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