At Make Tiny Changes we believe in fostering empathy and understanding of mental illness.

We discourage stigmatization:
At Make Tiny Changes there is no place for stigmatization. We encourage people to talk about mental illness in the most suitable and respectful language possible to achieve mutual understanding. We believe that the patient the empathy and encouragement of those closest to them. One of the core value at Make Tiny Changes is to eliminate the stigmatization of mental illness. We believe that when we start treating mental illness as a serious medical condition, then people will be more likely to talk about it. .

We encourage speaking out:
Staying silent always causes harm to the ones we love the most and to us. If you are sensing any problem with your mental health or the health of your loved one, then it’s time to raise your voice and speak about it to seek treatment. In America, there is a plethora of individuals suffering from various kind of mental issues that do not seek help out of fear of what others will think. At Make Tiny Changes we want to change this by raising awareness of mental health issues. All we need is your support and encouragement to move ahead.

At Make Tiny Changes, we believe in equality, and we promote our vision of spreading mental awareness with it. For us, a person combating with mental illness needs support and empathy. We recognize that not all of the people who suffer from mental illness have access to the treatment and related facilities. At Make Tiny Changes, we believe that sufferers have the right to treatment regardless of the age, gender and race. The more people are aware of mental health issue, the more they will become open about it and accept it as the other health issues.

Say no to biases:
Make Tiny Changes promotes empathy among humans. We believe that one can be more compassionate to another person’s pain when they have an better understanding of the situation. We want to shift the public opinion of mental illness from judging to empathy.


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