“Understand before judging.”

At Make Tiny Changes, we’ve taken the initiative to reduce the stigma regarding mental illness. Are you suffering from any mental issues? Do you have any of your loved one’s suffering and battling alone with mental health issues? Well, let us affirm to you, you’re not alone into this. Make Tiny Changes is a non-profit organization established with the sole purpose of eliminating the stigma associated with mental health and illness.

The society we live in has set certain norms and values which causes many to stay silent regarding mental health as it may cause a negative image in the society. But how long do you or your loved ones have to suffer in the deep, dark shadows of futility? Every year, a plethora of Americans lose their battle with mental illness alone without getting any help or support. We aim to be a candle to show them the path towards a happier more fulfilling life.

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